Lyman Byxbe

April 25, 2010

                                                                                                                             Off  The Trail  ca. 1949

His reverence for trees is apparent with the depiction of this mighty pine.

Over the years I have collected many fine nature etchings by Lyman Byxbe.  He made his home in Estes Park, Colorado in the heart of  Rocky Mountain National Park. His work reflects a deep appreciation of the beauty that nature offers. I have lived and hiked the mountains around Estes Park for over thirty years. If you find the opportunity to visit this beautiful wonderland, you too may feel the passion for the natural beauty that inspired Lyman Byxbe to create the etchings I so admire. This blog  features many of his wonderful works.

A special thanks to Dave Tanton for his love of the history of Estes Park and Rocky Mountain National Park.  His collection of fine art has inspired many.

Hallets Peak

Photo: Doug Kirk

Feel free to leave a comment or question. I am always interested in acquiring Byxbe art work.