Lyman Byxbe

April 25, 2010

                                                                                                                             Off  The Trail  ca. 1949

His reverence for trees is apparent with the depiction of this mighty pine.

Over the years I have collected many fine nature etchings by Lyman Byxbe.  He made his home in Estes Park, Colorado in the heart of  Rocky Mountain National Park. His work reflects a deep appreciation of the beauty that nature offers. I have lived and hiked the mountains around Estes Park for over thirty years. If you find the opportunity to visit this beautiful wonderland, you too may feel the passion for the natural beauty that inspired Lyman Byxbe to create the etchings I so admire. This blog  features many of his wonderful works.

A special thanks to Dave Tanton for his love of the history of Estes Park and Rocky Mountain National Park.  His collection of fine art has inspired many.

Hallets Peak

Photo: Doug Kirk

Feel free to leave a comment or question. I am always interested in acquiring Byxbe art work.


53 Responses to “Lyman Byxbe”

  1. linda hart-wiley Says:

    Good morning, I have two very detailed etchings on marble that appear to have been used for printing. One looks like a man fishing in a stream and the other is a hunting dog and ducks. The engraved initials look like an intertwined L and B.
    The copyright initial is before and after the date 1977 and the artist’s initial. I have no idea when Lyman Byxbe stopped working, only that he passed in 1980. I can email some photos.

    Thank you kindly Linda Hart-Wiley

  2. Keith Sparks Says:

    I just recently began collecting Byxbe’s etchings and currently have about 60 etchings and one oil. If you every have any that you would be interested in selling please let me know. A number of the etching you have displayed here I do not have and would love to acquire.

    • Solargon Press Says:

      Hi Keith,
      As you know it is hard to part with what you are passionate about, but let me know which ones you are interested in. and we can go from there.

      • Keith Sparks Says:


        There are 5 that I would be quite interested in acquiring.
        They are: Windswept, Reflections, The Rockies, Longs Peak Aquatint, and Whispering Pines. Others that have caught my eye are Grand Lake (with the row boat), Echo Lake, and Jumping Off Place. I have the same Jumping Off Place but with a different name. It is called Cloudy Day at Timberline.


    • Darrell Allen Says: name is Darrell Allen..i have a small Lyman Byxbe etching signed in pencil that I am interested in ph# is 9368998806..

      • Solargon Press Says:

        Hi Darrell,
        Let me know the name of the etching and if you send a picture I can make a determination of value.
        Thank you

  3. Lisa Harrison Says:

    I have a lovely work by Byxbe called “Dream Lake and Hallett’s Peak”. If you would like to add a photo to your site to show another example of his fine work please let me know.

  4. gerald wallace Says:

    i have rural gothic original scetch

  5. james Odle Says:

    I have 3 etchings, 2 in original frames, which I am interested in selling.

  6. Susan Dalton Says:

    Hello – I have a small Lyman Byxbe entitled Nymph Lake and I’m wondering if you could estimate the value. It looks to be in its original frame. The etching itself within the matte is about 3 x 4 3/4 and the frame is about 6 x 7 1/2. How can I get photos of the piece to you?

    • Solargon Press Says:

      Hi Susan,
      I know the etching well. It is ca. 1949 and is fairly common as it comes up from time to time on eBay. I would put the value at 50 to 75 dollars.
      Thanks for your interest.

  7. Debbie Kraft Says:

    Hi, I was very happy to find your site. I have my grandmother’s two small sweet color pictures signed on the matte by Lyman. I never hoped to find out anything about the artist, and yet there you are. I always thought the pictures were water colors as the color is so vivid and bright, but I see most of what is mentioned are etchings. Can you tell me anything about the watercolors? One is titled ‘longs peak’ the other ‘peaceful valley’. When he might have done them. The pics them selves are about 5 x 4 and they are in frames (probably original) of 8.5 x 10.5.
    Thanks very much.

    • Solargon Press Says:

      Hard to tell what you have. Byxbe was a prolific artist with over 500 etchings. He also did hand colored photos, copies of watercolors and paintings. If you can send pictures of what you have I can better answer your question.
      Best Regards,

      • Debbie Kraft Says:

        Golly, perfect. I will send you a pic of what I have. Thanks so much. I probably won’t send anything until tomorrow. Thanks so much.

  8. Debbie Kraft Says:

    Doug, I sent you two pics and was wondering if you received them? Also, as I have been reading more and looking closer at the pictures I am thinking they could have been done in a chalk pastels, crayon type media. Just my guess. Anything you could tell me…
    Thank you.
    Debbie Kraft

    • Solargon Press Says:

      Hi Debbie, Been busy and finally got a chance to respond. Hard to tell by the pictures but there was a great demand for Byxbe’s artwork during the tourist summer season and at some point there was a need to publish or print some of his colored works in quanities. I have owned some small colored works that I thought were original and found out that they were not, but generally if the artwork is signed on the mat it is copied. Once again just when I think I’ve seen all there is that Byxbe did something else surfaces. Love his work. Hope this helps. Best Regards, Doug

      • Debbie Kraft Says:

        Good morning. The pictures are so very sweet. I understand about the signing on the matte, hadn’t considered that. I guess if I ever have them reframed I will find out for sure. Thank you very much.
        Debbie Kraft – newest Byxbe fan.

  9. Pamela Says:

    I work for a children’s charity and recently found two hanging in our offices. In my previous work I worked at a Fine Art museum and knew these were not just corporate art. We have Trail to Dream Lake and Mt. Meeker which I noticed you already have. Both signed and titled. Both in fair condition. Matting has foxing and slight water damage, but not the work itself. Could you give me some advice on where it might be best to send them for auction or sale?

    • Solargon Press Says:

      Hi Pamela,
      Ebay is your best option. An auction house will want a percentage of sale plus extras. I recomend that you start with a low or no reserve. If you have a high reserve and they don’t sell people will more than likely pass by the auction the second time.
      All the best,

  10. Jack Kagy Says:

    My wife and I have a Lyman Byxbe oil painting in the original frame. It is 28″ X 40″. We believe it is a painting of Bear Lake because it was purchased around 1961 near Bear Lake at a gift shop. Would you be interested in this piece or do you know someone who might be?

    • Solargon Press Says:

      Hi Jack,
      If you could send a picture of the painting I would have a better idea. I do know a few avid collectors who may be interested based on asking price.
      Best Regards,

  11. Josh Athon Says:

    I have my eye on a Lyman Byxbe watercolor of Colorado Columbine. My question is whether or not it is an authentic watercolor or a print. The art is framed with a full backing so checking it outside of the frame is not possible. The watercolor has what seems to be his signature and name of the watercolor (matches everything I have compared it to) on the mat. I have seen other pieces with his signature on the mat on a few different sites. Any insight you could offer would be great.



    • Solargon Press Says:

      Hi Josh,
      I have never owned one of Byxbe’s floral artworks so I can’t say for sure if they are prints or originals. Sorry I can’t be of more help.

  12. Nancy Freeman Says:

    I’m embarrassed to say that I just realized the small black and white etching that my parents had on their wall for more than 50 years, and I’ve had for almost 7 years, is a Lyman Byxbe etching. The original etching is titled “Wild Country” and the authentication sheet is attached to the back of the frame, noting that it was “proofed by hand and signed by the artist”. I believe my parents may have purchased it as early as 1945 while honeymooning in the Rockies. Do you have any information on this etching or know where I might find out more about it (date, etc.)?

    Nancy in Florida

    • Solargon Press Says:

      Hi Nancy,
      “Wild Country” is a 1941 etching by Lyman Byxbe with depicts the prominent 14,255 feet high Longs Peak in the background. Must of been nice to have visited Estes Park back in the day.
      Best Regards,

  13. Teresa Says:

    I have 2 etchings and was wondering if you could help identify the year the work was done. I have Junipers and Long’s Peak from Trail Ridge. The Junipers etching appears To have some sort of mark on the lower right corner, shiny like it was done with lead pencil. It is difficult to tell through the glass. Any info on the pieces would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance for you time!

    • Solargon Press Says:

      Hi Teresa,
      Junipers is a 1940 drypoint etching with Longs Peak in the backround. One of my favorites by Lyman Byxbe.
      Long’s Peak from Trail Ridge was done in 1949. Both these prints are considered large at 7″ x 5″.
      Hope this was helpful.

      • Teresa Says:

        Thank you for the information! I bought both framed pieces at Goodwill for $2.99 each. They both caught my eye for their uniqueness….didn’t know anything about Byxbe, but thought they would look nice in my family room 😃

  14. Tammy Giesing Says:

    I just realized that I have two etchings or pencils of lyman byxbe. They have been in the top of my garage for years. Both signed in pencil. One entitled home in the Rockies and the other bear lake. Do you have any idea their worth?

    • Solargon Press Says:

      Hi Tammy,
      There are 3 versions of ” Home in The Rockies” all from ca.1932. Also there are 13 prints entitled “Bear Lake” ranging from 1937 to 1949 and two with no dates. Also the size of the prints varies from 1 3/8″ x 1″ to 5″ x 3 1/4″. I could better help you if you would sent pictures of your etchings.

  15. Jefff Says:


    I recently purchased two Byxbe prints at a Library Auction. One of the prints is “Wailing Harps ” (later drypoint, void of a few tree branches) and “Peaceful Valley” (approximately 10″ x 7″- image portion). The later etching appears to be Moraine Park in Rocky Mt. National Park per my comparison with photos and memories of camping in this specific landscape. I have not seen references to “Peaceful Valley”, and am curious if you can provide information about it (I do not have access to Crump’s publications, which may cite this etching).


    • Solargon Press Says:

      Hi Jeff,
      I see no reference to “Peaceful Valley” in the second edition of Lyman Byxbe’s Catalog Raisonne. He does have prints that have more than one name. perhaps if you could send me a picture of the print I could search the catalog.

  16. Evalon Shires Says:

    Clearing out a relative’s effects we found three Byxbe prints; 5’x3 1/4′ Lone Pine, Dream Lake, and Ranger’s Cabin. Both of the latters have Hallett’s Peak in the background. Since they are signed and named on the matting, I surmise they are not rare. My reason for contacting you is if you are interested in having them, they are available. Otherwise I will put them on my wall and enjoy them for a while

    • Solargon Press Says:

      Hi Evalon,
      Yes none of the mentioned etchings are rare. I am familiar with Rangers Cabin, but there are many etchings by Lyman Byxbe that are titled Dream Lake and Lone Pine. If you could send me pictures of all 3 etchings I will have a better idea of there value.

  17. Evalon Shires Says:

    Doug, thank you for your reply. I will keep them and enjoy. With the black frames and off-white matting, they have a modern vibe to them and will fit in well. Thanks again. Evalon

  18. Miss mindy Says:

    I picked up two framed itchings of byxbes for $2 a piece at a second hand shop..Dream lake..and Black canyon..the signings do not match any online signings.for these itchings…do you have any suggestions ..thankyou

    • Solargon Press Says:

      There are 23 etchings by Lyman Byxbe with the title “Dream Lake” and 3 Black Canyons. If you would send pics of your etchings I could give you more info.
      Thank You,

  19. carol moreno Says:

    i have a picture ‘columbine’ signed lyman byxbe. i dont know if its just a copy of an etching or what. where in austin, texas might i take it to find out what it is

    • Solargon Press Says:

      Hi Carol,
      If you send me a picture I can better determine the artwork as to etching, painting, etc.

  20. Pumpkin Field Says:

    Hi Doug, found an original Cottonwood #359 4.5 x 3.375 ca 1944-47, original frame with information about artist and authenticity on the back. Slightly yellowed. Looks like some condensation got on mat but not picture. It was $5. at yard sale. I love the tree. Can’t find it for sale on Internet. I was wondering if you knew the value of it?

    • Solargon Press Says:

      I would be worth more in fine condition and is not very rare, but that said you did great to have found this etching for $5. I dream of deals like that. The current value is about $60.00.

  21. John Johnson Says:

    I came across a Lyman Byxbe framed etching called Singing Waters that has been hand colored over by artist I believe. Seems to be with colored chalk? On the mat there is a signed inscription that reads May this picture be a constant reminder to come back to this high country again and again which is signed again by Lyman Byxbe. Was this commonly done on his black and white etchings? John

    • Solargon Press Says:

      This was not common but there were printed copies of his water colors that were not original etchings. I would have to see your print to determine if it was a colored etching or a later printing.

      • John Johnson Says:

        When I take the glass off the framed print/picture there is what appears to be chalk or powder residue? Do you have an email where I could send a picture?

        Many thanks for help/John

  22. Solargon Press Says:

    Hi John,
    Yes, Please send pictures with the frame and glass removed.
    Thank you

  23. NANCY DAVIDS Says:

    Hi Doug,
    I came across a picture titled Invitation to Adventure. I have been trying to research it, but not finding anything. How do I go about sending you a picture of it? Nancy

    • nancy davids Says:

      Hello Doug,
      I still have not received any comments about the Invitation to Adventure picture that I wrote to you about in March. It is framed, and signed, any idea of worth?

  24. I am helping a gentleman who recently lost his wife. She was an antique dealer and had 2 Byxbe prints. I would like to sell them but I know nothing about them. Are they something you would be interested in?

    They are in color and signed. One is named Longs Peak from Deer Ridge and the other is Hallett’s Peak from The Dream Lake Trail. I do have pictures.

    Thank you,

    • Solargon Press Says:

      Hi Jennifer,
      Pictures will help greatly as there are so many Byxbe prints that have like names.

  25. T.E. Says:

    Hi Doug,

    I’ve decided to sell my large Lyman Byxby oil painting and was wondering what the value might be. I’ve searched the site and have not been able to locate an email address to send pictures to. It is of a well known Estes Park location and has a matching etching.

    Thank you,


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